White Paper on Cellular Networks for Massive IoT


3GPP – 3rd generation partnership project

5GC – 5G basic network

RA – Augmented reality

cIoT – Cellular IoT

TCCA – compound annual growth rate

Cat-M[x] – LTE device category for machine type communication, for example Cat-M1

Cat-[x] – LTE device category, where x is a category class in numbers, for example Cat-1

CSP – Cellular service provider

eDRX – Extended discontinuous reception

CPE – Evolved package kernel

eUICC – Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Board

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications

IoT – Internet of things

KPI – key performance index

LPWA – large low power zone

LTE – Long-term evolution

LTE-M – LTE for machine type communication

M2M – machine to machine

MIMO – multiple inputs, multiple outputs

MIoT – Massive IoT

ML – Machine learning

TCM – machine type communication

NR – New radio

NB-IoT – Narrowband IoT

PRB – Block of physical resources

PSM – Energy saving mode

QoS – Quality of services

RAN – Radio access network

CTP – total cost of ownership

drone – Unmanned aerial vehicle

EU – User equipment

UICC – Universal Integrated Circuit Board

VoLTE – Voice over LTE

RV – Virtual reality

PALE – Long distance network

WCDMA – Broadband code division multiple access


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