Walleys quarry: Environment Agency to investigate allegations of illegal waste activities


The Environment Agency has launched an investigation into alleged illegal waste activities at sites operated by Red Industries Limited.

This comes after a period of increased regulation by the Environment Agency in Walleys Career Ltd at Newcastle-under-Lyme, where high levels of hydrogen sulfide caused problems for local residents.

Red Industries Limited is the parent company of Walleys Quarry Ltd.

In September 2021, a judge ruled in favor of a mother of a five-year-old boy, who brought a complaint against the Staffordshire landfill regulator.

The mother accused the regulator of emitting harmful gases that could shorten the life of her disabled son.

Protesters outside Walleys Quarry in Staffordshire

The judge said he was “not convinced, based on the evidence, that EA officials did what compliance with applicable legal obligations requires.”

And the court stressed that “there is a clear and pressing public interest imperative” that the Environment Agency must reduce levels “as a matter of urgency”.

During the hearing, the Environment Agency argued that there was no real and immediate risk to the boy’s life, but the court heard that the agency had taken “measures very important “to the landfill and” continue to monitor the business. “

However, the Environment Agency is now taking further steps to investigate Red Industries Limited, following new information.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said:

“The Environment Agency is formally investigating Red Industries and their associated companies following new information provided to us regarding suspected illegal waste activities.”

They encourage anyone with information to contact them confidentially on 0800 80 70 60.

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