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CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS – Elaine Harms will have her garden at 11 Palmer St. in Marshalltown, which consists primarily of fruit trees, berries and vegetables, featured on the Saturday Gardening Show.

You never know what you might be seeing behind someone’s house.

The Marshalltown Garden Club is seeking to return to the public eye after a year marked by a pandemic and natural disaster.

“We’re just trying to figure out what our path will be and what this route will take” Marshalltown Garden Club president Jean Klosterman said.

The first stop on this itinerary is the visit of the summer gardens which takes place this Saturday – rain or shine – from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jean Bower’s garden located at 512 Eastview Road. features flowers, trees and shrubs and will be featured on Saturday as part of the Marshalltown Garden Club Summer Gardens Tour.

Four personal gardens of club members will be featured, with each garden having its own distinct themes. Sites include Jean Bower, 512 Eastview Rd .; Julie Weatherman, 514 Eastview Road; LaVonne Baker, 101 Palmer Street; and Jerry and Elaine Harms, 11 Palmer St. Bower and Weatherman Gardens contain mostly flowers, trees, and shrubs, while Baker’s features unusual art and plant exhibits. The Harms Garden has fruit and berry trees as well as vegetables. Tickets will be available for purchase at each site.

All garden sites were devastated during the 2020 derecho, forcing some gardens to relocate some plants after they lost shade trees.

“I think it’s a really interesting story for these hosts to share with the visitors. Here’s what happened, where did they go next and how did they go with this change, ”Klosterman said.

She said hosts at each site will be able to provide gardening knowledge and share the stories and challenges behind their backyards.

“These people are very proud of their gardens, and rightly so. They just want to share their gardens and of course their stories with the people who hopefully come to visit them ”, Klosterman said. “They’re going to see some really nice things and some really interesting twists.”

Klosterman said she really values ​​interacting with the audience.

“Anytime you can make contact with the people there, it’s a good thing” she said. “If you share a little education, and maybe a little humor and some interesting stories about the challenges of gardening, that everyone has, I think that’s a good thing. These garden tours strike a chord with many different people.

Other public events the club is responsible for include a flower show and a spring plant sale, but could not take place last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The club held its first meeting since the pandemic began last August and is looking to the future. The club raised funds to help the city support the Hanging Basket Program, subscribed to children’s programs for Marshall County Conservation, manages plants at Judge Park, and contributed financially to the efforts of the non-profit group Trees Forever.

As a federated garden club, they belong to the state garden club organization along with 80 other clubs in Iowa. The state organization awards horticulture and landscaping scholarships to students at Iowa State University.

“None of this would be possible if we did not have fundraising opportunities which are fortunately supported by the people of Marshalltown and the county,” Klosterman said.


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