Vehicle arson and heavy police activity in Tijuana prompt U.S. Consulate to issue shelter-in-place


A wild Friday night in Tijuana led the US consulate there to warn US government employees to shelter in place and avoid going outside.

As of Friday night, at least 10 vehicles were torched in the city according to Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramirez, San Diego NBC affiliate KSND-TV reports.

Mayor Ramirez also told KSND-TV he has 2,000 police and 3,000 members of the Mexican National Guard on standby if needed.

Culpability for the violence has been attributed to organized crime.

“Today we tell the organized criminal groups who commit these crimes that Tijuana will stay open and take care of its citizens, and we also ask them to settle their debts with those who have not paid what they owe. , not with hard-working families and citizens,” Mayor Ramirez said, according to CBS News.

When the U.S. consulate learned of the fires, roadblocks, and heavy police activity that resulted, it warned Americans in Tijuana to shelter in place. The warning also applied to other regional border towns, including Mexicali, Rosarito, Tecate and Ensenada.

On Twitter, San Diego County Vice President Nora Vargas wrote, “I encourage our binational residents to be cautious and follow the recommendations of government officials and avoid unnecessary travel to allow authorities to make their work and to maintain security.


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