US on ‘Path’ to Marijuana Reform, Former GA Says (Newsletter: October 8, 2021)


The Federal Banking Regulator’s Marijuana Moment editorial; CA gov signs the hemp bill; OK the cannabis voting measures have been tabled; Another city decimates psychedelics

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Former United States Attorney General Eric Holder said the country was now on a “slippery path” toward federal decriminalization of marijuana.

  • “You know it’s going to happen.”

A principal federal regulator with the National Credit Union Administration writes in an editorial for Marijuana Moment that federal legalization is “inevitable” and that Congress must act on cannabis banks now.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom (D) signed a bill to legalize smokable hemp and allow CBD and other cannabinoid-infused foods, drinks and cosmetics.

Oklahoma activists has tabled two initiatives they hope will qualify for the 2022 poll: one to legalize marijuana for adult use and another to strengthen the existing medical cannabis program.

The Arcata, California City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize psychedelics – the third city in the state to do so at this point.


The US Department of Agriculture funds research to define economic opportunities for hemp in the western United States

Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) spoke about cannabis reform at the Netroots Nation conference.

Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) tweeted: “After drawing attention to the illegal cultivation of marijuana and pleading for more money to help tackle the problem, I’m glad the LA County Board of Supervisors has delegated $ 5 million to @LASDHQ to support the eradication of illegal marijuana cultivation operations in the AV & surrounding areas. “

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Candidate John fetterman said there was “no downside” to politicians adopting marijuana reform.

Democratic candidate for Congress in Washington State Jason call tweeted, “The War on Drugs has done nothing but throw millions of black Americans into our prison system. It is time we put an end to it and fixed the damage done.

Senate bill legalize medical cannabis for military veterans got a new cosponsor for a total of seven.


new York Governor Kathy Hochul (R) signed legislation to decriminalize needle possession and expand access to medication for opioid use disorders in prisons and prisons.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (R) touted his efforts to pardon people for marijuana in a press release announcing that the state has hit a 20-year low in its prison population. Meanwhile, the House Majority Leader said legalizing cannabis is “not at the top of the list” of priorities.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (R) tweeted: “As the environmental impacts of climate change become clearer, Colorado policy makers, consumers and the cannabis industry all have a role to play in the sustainability of the industry. . “

Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Cranley, currently mayor of Cincinnati, tweeted, “Ohio is in a rut, and it will take big, bold ideas to get us out of it. I am running for governor to write Ohio Return and I plan to do so. We will legalize marijuana, reinvest that tax revenue in our communities, create new jobs, and more.

Caroline from the south Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham tweeted, “SC is number 2 in the country for the rate of marijuana-related arrests. Chester County has the highest rate of any county in the United States. I was the first candidate to seek the legalization of marijuana and to clear the records of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses. “

Texas Democratic Attorney General Candidate Lee Merritt tweeted: “We must recognize and end the violent and hyper-militarized police culture that arose out of the 50-year ‘war on drugs’. “

The Michigan The House Regulatory Reform Committee held a hearing on legislation to impose restrictions on medical cannabis caregivers.

Arizona regulators have tabled changes to the rules on medical cannabis and hemp.

Minnesota regulators are seeking public comment on the draft preliminary rules for raw, dried medical cannabis.

Missouri The Ministry of Agriculture accepts applications for subsidies for the processing of hep fiber.

Questions are raised as to why Georgia medical cannabis regulators are exempt from the state’s open records law.

The Washington state The Technical Assistance and Mentoring Working Group of the Social Equity in Cannabis Working Group will meet on Tuesday.

The Nevada The Cannabis Public Safety Advisory Subcommittee will meet on Tuesday.

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The Meadville, Pennsylvania City council gave its initial approval to a proposal to decriminalize marijuana.

An old St. Johns County, Florida sheriff approves psychedelic research legislation.

Los Angeles, California regulators are hosting webinars this month on how to apply for a commercial marijuana license.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the Labor Party for allegedly wanting to “decriminalize hard drugs”.

The The United Nations The High Commissioner for Human Rights is pressuring the Philippine government to release the findings of an investigation into the country’s bloody “war on drugs”.


One study found that “Cannabis oil enriched with cannabidiol in children with [West syndrome] had a good tolerance “and that” four (50%) out of eight had a seizure reduction. “

One study determined that “Psilocybin can be produced in biologically relevant amounts using a recombinant strain of E. coli in a homebrew style environment. “


A poll found that 58 percent Italians support the legalization of marijuana.

Students for a Sense Drug Policy drafted a resolution and an organizational guide to help people advance drug policy reform at the municipal level.


Tilray, Inc. reported quarterly net income of $ 168 million and a net loss of $ 34.6 million.

4Front Ventures Corp. acquires the New England Cannabis Corporation.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. Expands California Retail CBD Offerings Following New Legislation Enacted.


Will smith wrote in his new memoir about participating in ayahuasca rituals in Peru.

Soccer Lael collins is suing the NFL over its suspension for lack of drug testing.

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