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What Valentine’s Day Holds For Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Life

While some signs should have a luckier Valentine’s Day this year, things are looking up for just about everyone in the zodiac compared to 2021. Mercury’s retrograde ends tomorrow (congratulations, you made it ), marking the first time since last April that none of the major planets will be in a spin. For the next two months, you will have to blame your confusions on something other than the planets. In other words, it should be easy to navigate from here until the scorching full moon of Valentine’s week. Here’s exactly what the holidays have in store for you. Read more

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Billie Eilish launches even darker hair

After ditching her blonde locks for a chocolate hue last month, the “Happier Than Ever” singer just teased an even darker new look on Insta — this time without her signature lime green roots. Read more

This year’s most impractical trend is already endorsed by Kim K

The catsuit is even more impractical than the low cut miniskirt trend. Neon pink, Big-Bird-but-make-it-hot look that Kim wore for her SNL hosting a concert at the romantic, floral version of Lizzo, there’s no denying the units are having a major moment. Thoughts and prayers for short toilet lines and locking cubicles. Read more

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Why Hollywood Couldn’t Cancel Hugh Grant

The acting career of romantic comedy darling Hugh Grant could have drowned in a sea of ​​embarrassing tabloid headlines. A perfectly presented apology saved him. Read more

The Fenty products behind Sierra Single body glitter

Despite all the drama around Shrimpgate, there’s been a consistent season on Clayton Echard’s season, and that’s Sierra Jackson and her flawless body glitter. We got the inside scoop on exactly what she uses to achieve her flawless evening glow. Read more

14 Line Flower Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

New year, new… ‘too? (Sorry.) Whether you’re considering getting ink for the first time or potentially adding to your collection, line art tattoos (art that has no shading or dabbing) ‘color wrap) are becoming increasingly popular thanks in part to celebrities like Hailey Bieber, who is decked out in micro ink. Don’t forget your follow-up. Read more


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