Under a Labor government everyone is considered a criminal


Opposition Leader Bernard Grech has said that under Robert Abela’s administration everyone is considered a criminal.

Interviewed on the NET FM party radio station, the nationalist leader was speaking on his electoral promise to remove Malta from the FATF gray list within three months if elected Prime Minister.

“Where there is additional monitoring by the banks, by your notary, it is thanks to the Labor government for putting us on the gray list,” he said. “Under Robert Abela’s government, everyone is presumed to be a criminal, and we are against that. ”

Grech said Prime Minister Robert Abela had already given up on removing Malta from the gray list, and that only the NP has the powers to face foreign government counterparts to defend Malta.

“We have no shadow hanging over us, and we are the party that is in a position to call for independent investigations of individuals, no matter who they are,” Grech said.

He also referred to the UK’s decision to place Malta on the list of countries at high risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.

“No one should look at us as criminals, we have to fight to regain our credibility,” he said.

“Even Ghana is better than us. They managed to get off that list, and we replaced them. This is what Robert Abela and his government are doing to this country, ”Grech insisted.

The opposition leader also said the recent increase in COVID-19 cases highlights the government’s failure to deal with the pandemic.

He called on the government for giving € 300 in vouchers to students in English, only to shut down the area “a few weeks later”.

“We failed in the tourism sector this summer, we are in the same difficulties as last year and the common factor is the prime minister,” said Grech. “He has to make the right decisions.

Regarding the recent appointments of Chris Peregin and Peter Agius, Grech said they have chosen to help make a tangible difference in the country.

He also said the party must continue to renew itself, but insisted that no one will be sidelined under his leadership.

“This is the time when we have to understand that we have to unite for the country. Everyone has a role and everyone can help, ”said Grech.

Grech concluded the interview by wishing the Maltese Olympians good luck in Tokyo.


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