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~ Zinnov Recognizes Exceptional Individuals and Organizations Who Have Positively Impacted the Technology Ecosystem Through Multinational GCoEs ~ ~ 13th Annual Awards Celebrate Outstanding Leadership, Talent Management, Inclusion and Diversity Programs and innovation that have emerged in the post-pandemic reality ~ BANGALORE, India, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zinnov, one of the world’s leading management and strategy consulting firms, has organized the 13th edition of its flagship awards to celebrate leaders and companies that have navigated effectively through a very dynamic business environment to successfully future-proof their business. The Zinnov Awards have become a platform that recognizes the relentless pursuit of excellence celebrated by the ecosystem as a whole.

The Zinnov Awards continue to be the recognized gold standard for recognizing outstanding achievement and critical contributions from Global Centers of Excellence (GCoE), Indian multinationals and start-ups. This year saw an overwhelming response with over 400 nominations from over 175 companies in 10 award categories. 43 seasoned industry leaders served on the judging panel and selected a total of 32 individuals and companies to be recipients of these prestigious awards.

Each year, the Zinnov Awards introduce categories in step with the pulse of the ecosystem. It expanded the breadth and depth of factors considered to recognize the best of the best in the tech community. In this edition, there were 2 new organization-wide award categories: Best-in-Class Center of Excellence and Excellence in Talent Engagement in the Hybrid Era; and 1 new individual award category: Leader Extraordinary. This year also saw the nominations of more than 100 women, of which 7 women leaders emerged as winners in all categories.

Award Categories and Winners Category 1: Unlocking Center Value Champions: This award recognizes companies that have quickly moved from pure cost centers to value creation centers. The category assessed GCoEs based on the nature and type of transformation, drivers, milestones and metrics achieved, and key results from the ER&D, IT, BFSI, and GBS teams.

Winners: • ER&D • Micron Technology Operations India LLP • Lowe’s Services India Private Limited • GBS • Standard Chartered Global Business Services Pvt. ltd.

• AB InBev GCC Category 2: Great Place to Innovate: One of the two most popular award categories, Great Place to Innovate recognizes companies that are focused on creating value in India and have made concerted efforts in five areas keys: organizational charter, culture, internal programs and processes, external links and innovation indicators. The evaluation criteria focused on how the environment was conducive to innovation and measured the pervasiveness of the innovation mindset and culture within the GCoE.

Winners: • SAP Labs India Private Limited • Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Category 3: Best Center of Excellence (COE): This award recognizes Indian centers that lead the way in innovation and research in technologies/ specific processes, while facilitating collaboration between different business units. These centers of excellence act as reference teams for cutting-edge research and innovation in relevant areas, bringing much-needed value to the parent organization. The assessment focused on two areas – Technology COE and Process/Functional COE.

Winners: • Established • Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore • Continental Technical Center India • Emerging • Maersk Technology Center – Innovation, Data Science & Automation (IDA) CoE Category 4: Pioneers of Inclusion and Diversity: This category recognizes organizations that have implemented programs and set the benchmark for inclusion and diversity in India. The judging criteria focused on 6 main drivers of inclusion – namely people, process, ecosystem, I&D charter, culture and workplace commitments. These criteria assessed the inclusive culture and approach promoted within the organization and the measures taken to address major socio-economic challenges in I&D.

Winners: • Established (Women and Beyond) • Mastercard, India • Dell Technologies • Emerging • Providence India Category 5: Excellence in Talent Engagement in the Hybrid Era: This award is for organizations that have successfully maintained their engaged, productive, and connected workforce post the pandemic in a hybrid work model. The evaluation criteria evaluated the effectiveness of the strategies put in place and the programs in place that measured the effectiveness of talent management and the performance of employees and processes, as well as compensation and incentive programs.

Winners: • ServiceNow India • SAP Labs India Private Limited Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India Category 6: Brand by Design – Excellence in Employer Branding: This award recognizes organizations that have successfully created an excellent brand in the talent market and are considered as employers of choice. The evaluation criteria assessed the effectiveness of organizations across various parameters, including values, vision, corporate culture and its dissemination among installed and potential talent as part of their value proposition for employees. employees (TEUs).

Winners: • AB InBev GCC Category 7: Aatmanirbhar GCoE: This award category recognizes organizations that have created impact at scale by conceptualizing, designing, developing and manufacturing Indian products. The evaluation criteria focused on drivers, key metrics, milestones reached, and key results achieved through technological innovations for software and hardware products.

Winners: • Micron Technology Operations India LLP • Philips Innovation Campus Bengaluru Category 8: Next Generation Women Leaders: This category celebrates women leaders in India who have created impact at scale through their expertise in business, leadership and/or or in technology. These women leaders have excelled in mentoring emerging talent and inspiring the industry for excellence in the workplace. The category assessed demonstrated excellence in the dimensions of individual, organizational and ecosystem development.

Winners: • Business or Technology Leaders (Senior) • Bhumika P Balani – IBM India Pvt Ltd • Sumathi Chutkay – Providence India • Sukanya P – Swiss Re GBS India • Corporate Function Leader (Senior) • Mona Bharadwaj – IBM India Pvt Ltd • Corporate Head of function (intermediate level) • Nithya Cadambi – Commvault Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd • Shaon Sengupta – Philips Innovation Campus Bengaluru Category 9: Technical Role Model: The second most attended award category, it recognizes people who are pillars of technology and who have served by example and inspired people – both within their organization and beyond – to follow a technical path. As part of this award, leaders who have created significant impact in artificial intelligence/big data analytics and intelligent automation technologies are also recognized.

Winners: • Established (senior level) • Ravish Masti – BorgWarner Inc.

• Suhas Shivanna – Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India • Established (intermediate level) • Anshu Gupta – India Continental Technical Center • Emerging (IA and BDA – senior level) • Vijayananda J – Philips Innovation Campus Bengaluru • Emerging (IA – advanced level) Superior) • Prabal Mahanta – SAP Labs India Private Limited • Emerging (AI & BDA – Mid-Level) • Dr. Pinaki Bhaskar – Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore Category 10: Leader Extraordinary: This award recognizes leaders who have mentored and influenced other ecosystem leaders so that they can attain prominent positions in India or globally. This award category examines the scale as well as seniority of leadership influenced by the Extraordinary Leader.

Winners: • Sindhu Gangadharan – SAP Labs India Sarv Saravanan – Microsoft Corporation About Zinnov Founded in 2002, Zinnov is a world leader in management and strategy consulting, present in New York, Santa Clara, Houston, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Paris. Over the past 20 years, Zinnov has successfully consulted with more than 250 Fortune 500 companies and technology companies to develop actionable insights that help them create value – across revenue and optimization dimensions. With core expertise in product engineering, digital transformation, innovation and outsourcing consulting, Zinnov assists clients by: • Enabling global enterprises to develop and optimize a global engineering footprint through the configuration of technology and functional centers and accelerators to achieve higher efficiencies in R&D, innovation, and productivity.

• Advising global private equity firms on asset screening and target evaluation, commercial due diligence and value creation.

• Grow business product and service revenue in new markets through account intelligence, market entry and market expansion advice.

• Structure and implement digital transformation levers enabled by technologies such as AI/ML, Cloud, IOT and RPA.

• Help global enterprises define and drive their open innovation programs, design and operate acceleration programs, and enable collaboration with start-ups on specific use cases and predefined outcomes.

With its team of experienced consultants, subject matter experts, and research professionals, Zinnov serves clients across multiple verticals, including enterprise software, BFSI, healthcare, automotive, retail, and telecommunications in the United States, Europe, Japan and India.

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