The Tyler Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is gathering public opinion on proposed changes to the street extension


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – There has been ongoing controversy over the city of Tyler’s plans for a major road expansion.

On Thursday evening, the Tyler Area Metropolitan Planning Organization informed residents of changes to the planned extension of Waljim Street in South Tyler. The changes would remove a section of the proposed extension between South Town Drive and Thigpen Drive near Walmart and Target.

The changes come after “concerns were raised by people who live in the Courtyard Condos and Holly View Apartments,” DFO Director Michael Howell said. “That it would really impact their property, and we wanted to move forward and try to give some relief to those residents that we’re going to continue to research alternative routes in that area.” But for now, we’ll go ahead and delete this section of the plan.

The goal of the project is to extend Waljim Street so that it connects Market Square Boulevard and West Grande Boulevard, as well as to reduce traffic on Broadway.

Residents and merchants have spoken out about this change. Some proponents are worried about their next steps because of the proposed route. A man who lives in South Tyler said the proposed road would currently pass right by his home and he was unsure what it would mean for him.

The next step is for the City to forward tonight’s comments to DFO’s Transportation Policy Committee on Thursday, July 28 for consideration.

“Prior to this meeting, we will be sharing all of the comments that have been received and those that have been previously shared by residents of Courtyard Condos and all those who have had various comments this evening so that they can make the best decision possible with all this information, as to whether or not they want to go ahead and approve the amendment as proposed, or whether they want to reject it, or just wait and try to get more comments”, Howell said.

The city said a preliminary engineering study project has been added to the preliminary list of capital improvement projects (CIPs). It is currently being considered by the Half-Cent Sales Tax Board and will eventually be passed by City Council. They are unable to say when the technical study will begin, as it depends on available funds and how the city council prioritizes the project against other city needs.

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