State Capture Report’s final season – When and what to expect


South Africa’s State Capture Report saga almost feels like a jaw-dropping TV show. One filled with premises of corruption, criminals and secrets.

In accordance with our nation’s policy, the fifth and final installment of the State Capture Report was overdue, following the investigation by the Board of Inquiry announcement that he was unable to submit the final volumes to President Ramaphosa on June 15, due to “certain challenges”.

“Some challenges” proved insufficient response for the DA, who demanded that the reasons be given.

Cilliers Brink, DA Spokesperson expressed that the party’s main concern is that if the report is finished, it should be made public without further delay. “The South African public has waited long enough to know all the details of what happened during the state capture era,” he said.

This missed deadline also came after an extension appeal in April this year, which would designate June 15 as D-Day.

The Zondo Commission has confirmed that it will definitely be submitted today, June 20, after the electronic report was submitted to the President last night.

The Zondo Commission’s final report is a ‘crucial piece of the state-capture jigsaw’, writes Daily Maverick. The ins and outs of this last season? Everything from the SABC to the State Security Agency, Estina Dairy Farm, Gupta’s Waterkloof Landing and PRASA.

It will be, in short, the season finale of a melting pot of protest over high-politics scandals in our country.

And, as a working day put it eloquently, he could name the great architect of state capture.

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