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Although Bristol can sometimes look like a village, it is actually the fourth most populous city in the UK.

There is a parcel happens, but not everything that happens will always make mainstream news, no matter how important.

That’s why we’re launching a set of new community-focused newsletters so you never miss a story that matters to you.

Our St Pauls, Easton & Lawrence Hill newsletter will focus on what matters to people living in the inner city areas, which also includes Barton Hill, Redfield, Whitehall, Greenbank, St Philips Marsh, Newtown, St Judes, The Dings and Old Market.

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By subscribing to the free newsletter, you will be able to see all the news published that week relating to your neighborhood and much more.

Bristol city center is full of amazing activities, people and organizations that help bring communities together, but in our modern, fast-paced world, they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. With the weekly newsletter, we will put the heart of the community in the spotlight.

The past few years have been difficult to say the least, with many losing loved ones to the pandemic while others have felt the pressure of increased isolation caused by Covid.

Our communities are suffering from poor housing conditions, the rising cost of living, unemployment, underemployment and the general pressure caused by falling wages in real terms, as well as cuts in benefits and penalties. It’s easy to feel forgotten and speechless with ongoing budget cuts, astronomical rents, and the many challenges people face on top of that; from racism to disability discrimination to health inequalities.

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Despite the challenges that are important to highlight, the silver lining comes with the support and community spirit that we see around us every day, giving us a boost of hope that doesn’t always make the headlines.

Our downtown communities are diverse in every sense of the word, which we can all celebrate. From the big Iftar to St Paul’s Carnival to the many volunteer organizations, we have so much to enjoy and be proud of.

We can pay more attention to people and organizations who are silent heroes, quietly helping to improve the lives of their friends and neighbors. We can find out more about our local business or about residents in our area who just have interesting stories to tell.

Whether you’ve lived here for a year or your family has been here for centuries, there’s always more to learn and discover about your neighborhood. We can share the love of those dedicated to helping others by showcasing their work and helping you feel a greater sense of connection, letting you know how you can get involved.

This is a new project that is still in development and we appreciate your feedback and feedback. If there’s anything you’d like to include, such as an event, person, or place that you think should be highlighted, contact us with me, Yvonne Deeney.

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