Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt on offseason progress, rookie development and more


In addition to communication, another big topic this offseason is responsibility. It’s not like the Seahawks haven’t tried to hold themselves accountable in recent years, on defense or any other phase of the game, but after a few years of inconsistent play on defense, and with Hurtt, who is proud to say as if it were without sweetening things, responsibility seems to be a point of attention as we approach the 2022 season.

“They have to feel that standard,” Hurtt said. “And obviously while you’re teaching the accountability part, you’re teaching everybody the whole system about defense at all three levels so that guys know who’s supposed to be where, who’s in charge of things, who has a tough low based on the call, so there are a lot of lessons involved when we have the responsibility part that is taken into account.”

Darrell Taylor, who had Hurtt as a positional coach in his first two seasons, said: “His confidence as a coach and the way he is as a person carries over to his coaching. And I think that every day he does We are better. He holds us accountable. He asks us to do things, asks us to step out of our comfort zone and make us better players. I think his style of coaching is excellent for our defense and he’s going to make us better as we head into the season… He’s even more on us just to make sure we’re on top of it all, holding us accountable. , players hold each other accountable, and coaches will do the same in the hand.”

Another key part of off-season training is the development of young players and rookies in particular, and so far Hurtt is liking what he’s seen from this year’s draft class.

“The way our guys took it was really exciting,” he said. “They’ve really risen to the challenge, especially going out with the veteran groups and really trying to show what they have and what they can help bring to our defence. Because those guys are going to play there. an important role. That part has been really exciting to watch with Coby (Bryant), Tyreke (Smith) and (Boye) Mafe, really all of them, they’ve done really, really well. You’ll see them continue to progress, but their competitive nature, their work ethic, their attention to detail, how they are in meetings, they carry themselves, not like the typical recruits where you see immaturity and things like that. really, really, really well so far.”


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