Professional organizations should contribute to the development of society, country: President


The aim of any business organization should not only be the benefit of its members, but it should also participate in the development of society and the country, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Saturday.

Speaking at the Merchants Chamber’s 90th anniversary celebrations in Kanpur, he called on industries to help make India a net zero emissions economy. The President said that since its establishment, as a representative body of industry, commerce and commerce, the Uttar Pradesh Chamber of Merchants has been promoting industrialization, commerce and entrepreneurship in the state .

“This organization has provided a platform for mutual coordination between business, industry and policy makers,” he said, adding, “I am pleased to note that the Chamber of Traders is working to empower women and the promotion of start-ups.” He said that although the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a construct of modern civilization ”we have an old tradition of doing public welfare work by the business communities”.”The goal of a business organization should not only be the benefit of its members, but it should also become a participant in the overall development of the society and the country”, said he declared.

Kovind urged the gathering to visit the villages and contribute to their social and economic development by adopting them as individuals or as a group.

The president said climate change is a big challenge.

The Union government announced at the CoP-26 (Conference of the Parties) summit that by 2030, India will reduce its carbon emissions by one billion tons and strive to become a net zero emissions economy. 2070, he said.

But industry cooperation is very important to achieve this goal, he said, adding that many companies around the world are already contributing to a zero-carbon economy.

Therefore, industry and business representatives are expected to not only work to reduce pollution in existing industries, but also contribute to the creation of new environmentally friendly industries, a he declared.

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