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The city of Pomona sends a letter of cease and desist. Authorities in Calvana confirmed on Wednesday, August 18, demanding an immediate suspension of the activities of used car dealers at Fairplex.

On August 3, a letter written by the town’s lawyer, Sonia Carvalho, states that Carvana operates an “illegal vehicle storage business”. LA County Fair. The area in question has been zoned for fair use and is written in the letter, but current activities are not considered to be such.

In addition, the letter points out that Carvana is operating without the required land use permits, commercial permits issued by the city and the environmental analysis required by the state of the project.

Carvana and Fairplex officials did not respond to requests for comment until late Wednesday afternoon.

Carbana’s activity at Fairplex has caused “pollution,” the city letter goes on to mention the dissatisfaction of nearby residents, including car and noise pollution from heavy trucks. The city also complains that Carvana employees play loud music.

“Your use is not only a continuing violation of the law, but also pollution,” reads the letter from the city. “Your illegal activity has significant effects on noise, dust, vibrations, air quality and traffic around you. “

The letter requires Calvana to suspend operations at Fairplex within 30 days of receiving notice from the city. The business must then schedule and undergo an inspection by city law enforcement personnel to verify compliance.

If Calvana ignores the city’s request, further legal and enforcement action will be taken without warning and will read the letter read confirmed on Wednesday by city spokesman Mark Gruba.

Fairplex, which is owned by Los Angeles County but operated by the Los Angeles County Fair Association, has already announced a deal with Carbona to allow the company to use part of the parking lot. It wasn’t clear on Wednesday when Carvana opened at Fairplex.

Meanwhile, plans for the Carvana distribution and processing center at Fairplex are under development. The proposal calls for a 200,000 square foot warehouse on 85 acres near Gate 9 of the Fairplex. In addition, there is a storage room for 7,000 vehicles and space for 450 on-site parking lots. More than 2,600 vehicle trips take place on the site during the week, according to people familiar with the matter.

Responding to public concerns, District Councilor Robert Torres, including the area around Fairplex, plans to host a city hall to discuss Calvana’s proposal. The meeting will take place on Thursday August 19 at 6:45 p.m. at 1575N. It will be held at Ganesha Park on White Avenue.

Pomona asks Carvana to stop activity at Fairplex – Daily bulletin Source link Pomona asks Carvana to stop activity at Fairplex – Daily bulletin


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