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ISN is a world leader among subcontractor management platforms. They focus on connecting nearly 650 recruiting clients with qualified entrepreneurs. Although a subcontractor can be part of the ISN network, only about 10% of these 75,000 active subcontractors are approved as RAVS (Review and Verification Services) Plus® participants, which means that these selected subcontractors have put in place the necessary safety procedures and training systems. . This essentially translates into the assurance that Helmkamp Construction “speaks by example” in safety and execution to the highest standards expected by hiring clients using the ISN network.

Helmkamp Construction was recently selected for an ISNetworld RAVS Plus® safety audit and successfully completed the process. Contractors are randomly selected for evaluation based on the types of work they provide, the types of clients to which they provide these services and their scores within those client relationships in the ISN system. The stringent criteria often demanded by industrial customers dictate whether a contractor has the necessary health and safety processes to perform work in their facilities at the highest level.

Helmkamp was needed to demAffirm that their Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) processes are implemented as part of their day-to-day operations through the following key elements:

  • Review of recent employee training records

  • Assessment of applicable supporting documents (such as equipment inspection checklists and completed work permits)

  • Employee HSE Knowledge Assessment

  • Interview of an ISN security professional with company management

Following a final interview between Helmkamp’s Security Director, Luke LaBeau, and an ISN security professional, Helmkamp was awarded RAVS Plus® status. LaBeau said: “This is a proud moment at Helmkamp Construction. The achievement validates us not only with current and potential customers, but also internally with respect to the culture we have built. We implement and maintain our safety programs to benefit the health and safety of our employees, contractors and customers on every project. Safety is at the forefront of what we do, and everyone has a role to play that is taken very seriously. This is the Helmkamp way.

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