Old School RuneScape begins testing Activity Adviser to match players with appropriate activities


Recently, many games have added components and features that help new players get a foothold in the game and learn how to play better. Moreover, some also organize tools so that even veterans can make better use of their playing time. Old School RuneScape just added the Activity Adviser, a new in-game tool that takes your progress and data into account, then recommends activities based on your skills, interests and stats.

The first version of the Activity Adviser will only be available for certain accounts as part of an initial test. Those who are included will see a popup when they log in. In addition, the first testers will only find recommendations for quests to complete. The quests suggested by this tool will prioritize those that provide access to important unlocks like gear or progression gear. One of their motivations was seeing that sometimes early in the game the difficulty was getting around Gielinor, so maybe quests to unlock teleports would come up.

Quests are where they begin, but the intent is to eventually recommend skills, mini-games, and other categories of suggested activities. Naturally, the team asks for comments and suggestions on the structure.

The types of content you can find with this tool are available content and target content. Available content is content that you meet all the requirements for and are ready to use now. And target content is things like milestone activities and growth opportunities that you’re about to be ready for, but aren’t quite there.

The process of fine-tuning the new feature will begin with the round of A/B testing, followed by community feedback and data. They’re basing their suggestions on a number of factors, not just the fastest progression method or the highest amount of XP, as they’re looking to create something that players of all skill levels might find useful.

Read the announcement on Old school RuneScape.


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