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Local Reporter Shares Her Career Insights On “Career Talk Thursday”

Thanks to Dee Longfellow of the Bensenville Independent Newspaper for being our second guest speaker in the new lunchtime segment of Fenton Career Talk on Thursday. Students and staff joined Ms. Longfellow in room 302 during all three lunch periods on Thursday, February 10 to learn more about news production.

Career Talk Thursdays is a new segment of guest speakers every second Thursday during all three lunch periods where students can learn from a true industry professional.

Ms. Longfellow explained the various sections of the newspaper, such as news, police reports, real estate transactions, sports, reporting, entertainment and opinion. She also discussed the responsibilities of each section and examples of community leaders that employees in each section must interact with on a daily or weekly basis.

“The two main areas of a newspaper are editorial and advertising,” Ms. Longfellow said. “The newsroom invites readers and provides them with the information they want and need. As journalists, we produce and control this content. Advertising is the intrusive content that tries to persuade you or tries to sell you We have a separate advertising department that works independently of us.

Ms. Longfellow provided advice on networking and skills development.

“Every job requires writing,” Ms. Longfellow said. “And if you’re good at it, you probably won’t miss out on opportunities. Accurate and effective communication is a universally desired skill.”

According to Longfellow, related overlapping careers include sports photography, portrait photography, graphic design, advertising and distribution/logistics.

All students who attended the session received a raffle ticket as a reward for their curiosity, and one student per lunch period won a set of Bluetooth headphones.

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