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New Years romance comedies are far superior to Christmas movies

Despite the fact that every streaming service has a list of three holiday-themed love story channels to help you get through the season, Christmas isn’t particularly good. sexy holidays. No gatherings involving your parents and a number of other family members should be! As a superior holiday movie The family stone makes it clear, Christmas is the time for tame romantic shenanigans. Sex is a punchline. The joke is either the characters didn’t have it because of parental prudishness, or they did and regret it. At best, it’s PG. New Years Eve, however, is a whole different story. Read more

The last

Ryan Reynolds parodies the peloton, yet again

There’s a new Peloton bride in town, and their name is Mr. Big. After an altercation with the popular exercise bike in the first episode of And just like that … (one who in particular caused a dip in the company’s share price), Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Big on the show, stars in a new Peloton commercial produced by Ryan Reynolds that parodies the show’s script. We totally called him out, just saying. Read more

More good news for Netflix

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and Netflix topped its competition with 27 nominations – three for Squid game alone. On the cinema side, the direction of Will Smith king richard also landed three nominations, including Best Actor and Best Picture (Drama), a category in which award-winning black-directed films have been completely snubbed this year. The awards will take place on January 9, but to be determined what the ceremony will look like – NBC previously announced that it will not be broadcasting the awards. Read more

Readings of the day

And just like that It’s like when Carrie came back with Aidan

“In many ways,” writes Bustle columnist Dana Schwartz, “the pursuit of Sex and the city the universe is like getting back together with an ex. Between Bennifer 2.0 and Red (Taylor version), it’s been a good mood for 2021. “It’s heartwarming to be with the same person again, yes, but you can’t get rid of the feeling that this time it’s different.” Read more

Grey’s Anatomy‘s ER Fightmaster ships Amelia and Kai, too

Growing up, Fightmaster didn’t see same-sex relationships on TV or in real life, so they made it their goal to be the “queer person on screen”, which they did with their role. in Acute, and now Grey’s, too much. Fightmaster is especially proud that Kai didn’t have to explicitly state his gender identity. “It’s so important to me that someone can watch the show and see that the non-binary doesn’t always have to be this huge discussion,” the actor told Bustle. Read more


Here is your daily horoscope

We will find ourselves in an entrepreneurial spirit today. Read more

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