New Organization STIIIZY and Authentic Cannabis Workers Ratify Historic Statewide Agreement


BLOOMINGTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newly unionized cannabis workers at STIIIZY and Authentic outlets across California ratified their first contract as UFCW members last week.

More than 1,200 members from UFCW locals across the state had the opportunity to vote on the statewide contract, which was ratified by an overwhelming majority.

Union negotiators reached the agreement with STIIIZY and Authentic management on December 30. It also covers workers at Flight dispensaries in Northern California.

For more than a decade, UFCW has proudly contributed to the development and stabilization of the emerging cannabis industry.

“We are invested in helping create high standards for cannabis workers,” said UFCW Local 1167 President Joe Duffle. “This agreement is historic for the number of workers it covers at one of the best-known companies in the industry. It is also the first agreement that immediately benefits workers across California.

Previous California cannabis contracts were negotiated regionally or locally. The new agreement will cover cannabis members of UFCW Locals 5, 135, 324, 770, 1167 and 1428.

Highlights of the contract include competitive and standardized salaries with annual raises, quality health care and workplace protections, among other features such as employer pension contributions. It also includes a generous work stoppage policy and guaranteed hours.

UFCW represents tens of thousands of cannabis workers across the United States in dispensaries, labs, delivery services, kitchens, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, grow facilities and more. , helping workers earn better wages, protect themselves from unfair discipline, and enjoy other great benefits of a union contract.

“This union contract will give us financial stability and security,” said Lydia Ibarra, an employee of STIIIZY, after learning about the agreement during a union meeting. “I appreciate all of my union sisters and brothers for making this possible.”

“I am delighted to vote for my first collective agreement,” said Angel Martinez of STIIIZY. “With the union supporting me, I no longer have to worry about favoritism at work or being arbitrarily disciplined by management.”

“This agreement was a collective effort by many dedicated union leaders and employers,” President Duffle said.

“We are honored to be the voice of cannabis workers in California and across the country as we strive to create career jobs in this new industry.”

Local 1167 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union has approximately 19,500 workers and more than 3,500 retirees throughout the Inland Empire. Its members work in supermarkets, pharmacies, health care facilities, warehouses, food preparation plants and other places. UFCW represents tens of thousands of cannabis workers across the United States who have worked in dispensaries, labs, deliveries, kitchens, manufacturing, processing, grow facilities and more for over 10 years. a decade.


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