New leader for the business association


NEW LEADER: Nicole Reschke took first place in the Riddoch Business and Community Association.

Charlotte varcoe

The Riddoch Business and Community Association has inducted a new president with Nicole Reschke in the lead.

In office for two months already, Ms Reschke succeeded former President Rebecca Trotter, who held the position for several years.

Ms Reschke said she took over as it was her turn to lead the association.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of having a successful 2022 after a very successful year this year [2021]”Ms. Reschke said.

“We are just starting to roll out the association’s products now and are looking at adding to the line, which will be fantastic. ”

She said members of the association enjoyed seeing children and young adults carrying the goods in the community.

“We also like that the community can also sell the shirts and sweaters to tourists,” Ms. Reschke said.

“We had a very successful 2021 where we also launched our new website which is a fantastic tool for visitors researching the region and a great way for businesses to introduce themselves as well. “

The association successfully hosted a nighttime shopping event in December last year, which included a street Christmas party and a stuffed Santa Claus contest.

“There are many opportunities to get involved in and give back to the local community, and this is one of them,” Ms. Reschke said.

“I’ve been a member of the association for about five years now and my husband has also been president twice, so I’ve been involved for quite some time. “

As for 2022, the association will hold its usual annual events while working on other opportunities, including continuing education for young people in Penola, and giving companies the opportunity to come together and talk about their experiences.


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