Maritime activity at the port continues to soar | News


Shipping activity at the Port of Muskogee remained buoyant in February, with year-over-year growth reported for cargo shipped by barge, rail and truck.

Port Manager Kimbra Scott said Oakley’s Muskogee Terminal continues to grow as shippers take advantage of the port’s location and multimodal transportation system. She said Oakley “continues to load fertilizer” for other shippers” in addition to its “regular fertilizer business.”

“They have 72 cars ordered and ready to load in the next few weeks,” Scott said Tuesday at a regular Muskogee City-County Port Authority meeting. “And Oakley has found two new rail customers,” one that ships a soybean by-product and one that ships soda ash.

Tonnage reported for barges, trains and trucks compared to totals reported for the same period a year ago has increased significantly. When comparing year-to-date totals, rail tonnage recorded in the first two months of this year lags slightly behind that of 2021.

Imported and exported goods shipped by barge in February totaled 39,262 tons, representing a 23.74% increase – up 9,322 tons – from the 29,940 tons shipped in the same month in 2021. Year-to-date totals of 80,716 tonnes represent a 26.97% increase — up 21,766 tonnes — from the 58,950 tonnes shipped by barge in the first two months of 2021.

The February barge cargo consisted of imported goods, including steel coils, fertilizers, clay, molasses and nepheline syenite, which arrived on 23 barges. Exports by barge consisted exclusively of coke from Chemour and coke from Baton Rouge, which left the port on two barges.

“Webco reels continue to arrive regularly by rail and barge, Paragon still brings in four to five barges a week,” Scott said. “Oakley recently unloaded two pulp barges, and three more barges are heading this way.”

February rail freight totaled 14,137 tonnes, an increase of 25.23%, up 3,567 tonnes from the 10,570 tonnes shipped in the same period a year ago. Year-to-date rail freight totaled 28,061 tonnes, down 1.92% from the 28,599 tonnes reported in the first two months of 2021.

Imported goods arriving in February by rail consisted mainly of steel coils, Baton Rouge coke, rebar, asphalt and cane molasses, which arrived along with 10 other goods on 112 railcars . Rail exports in February included fertilizers and pipes, which left the port with 45 wagons.

Truck loads tracked in February totaled 70,989 tonnes, up 23.56%, or 16,724 tonnes, from the 54,265 tonnes reported a year ago. The year-to-date total of 150,109 tonnes represents an increase of 61.47%, or 92,265 tonnes more than the 112,109 tonnes reported in the first two months of 2021.

Goods imported by truck in February were mainly asphalt, waste refractory materials, pipes, soybeans and urea, which arrived with 12 other goods on trailers pulled by 315 trucks. Exports consisted of zircon sand, clay, steel coils, fertilizer and nepheline syenite, which arrived with 11 other goods on trailers pulled by 4,066 trucks.


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