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Job : February 28, 2022

March 2022 Employee Wellness Bulletin

March on! Join the Desk to 5k training program and learn about other wellness trends in the news.

Wellness Wire – March On

Ahhh-March! We expect warmer weather and calmer winds. Literally and metaphorically, we are so ready for it. Still, March is a very unpredictable month for us in New Mexico. In one day, we can easily discover at least 3 seasons of the year!

I consider March to be a month of transition and it got me thinking about how much this looks like to our situational well-being. Our lives are as unpredictable as the weather.

We expect it in nature but we rarely give ourselves the same grace. Every day we are going to have unexpected storms that we have to weather. Even so, with the right mindset and the right intention, we can always make progress towards better health and well-being.

It can be hard to see – hidden under cold layers of fatigue, stress and anxiety – but good things always happen. Mother nature gives us mars and the earth somehow knows it will bloom regardless. In the same way, the uncertainty of chaotic life events swirling around outside can feel like continuous setbacks. As if we could seem to win any soft ground to break through everything. However, the good things that we continue to cultivate will contribute to our mental, emotional and physical growth and renewal.

This week, I encourage you to use the month of March as an opportunity to shift your mindset and behavior around wellness. To stick to it. This is not an overnight accomplishment. It’s a daily and weekly growth and pruning intention to reduce stress, improve well-being, and simply feel better every day.

To help you with this metamorphosis, check out these APS employee wellness programs!

APS Employee Wellness Programs and Events

This chart gives a visual list of what is available to all APS employees.APS Employee Wellness offers many free programs to help all employees (regardless of benefits coverage or full/part-time status) reduce their risk of illness, achieve their lifestyle and weight loss goals as well as managing stress and mental health issues.

  • Join Office 5 km run/walk Training program! This is a 6 week workout program for all levels. Training officially begins the first week of March, but employees can register at any time. This year advanced 5k runners have the opportunity to compete in a 10k. The program concludes with the Albuquerque Half-marathon, 10k, 5k & kids k by RunFit event. APS employees receive discounted admission to the event. Consult Google on employee wellbeing Event calendar for discount codes and more.
  • Health Coaching: Open to all APS employees. If you want help managing a chronic illness, losing weight to improve your health, or just feeling better, APS offers for free Health Coaching to all APS employees.
  • Livongo: Reclaim your life and manage diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity with this personalized program- Livongo. The name is short for Live on the go! Because having a chronic illness can get in the way of our positive life experiences. We want you to take that back and feel better! Participants receive one-on-one coaching from experts, integrated tools to manage blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight loss. *This program is free for eligible employees.
  • Saturday March 5, 10 a.m. – Life on Mindfulness workshop: Mindfulness and eco-anxiety. Discover your new Mindful living portal with APSLOM password. This program is a free and flexible program for all employees that offers weekly walk-in meditations, monthly new content, and Saturday workshops. Links for weekly tours and Saturday sessions are in the APS Employee Wellness Calendar. Register at Mindful living program for all content and email reminders.
  • Do you feel like you need to lose weight, manage your diet and move more, but you don’t know where to start? The prediabetes prevention program may be for you! Join this national pilot program from the CDC and by NMSU. Online/virtual and continuous personal coaching options for a full year.
  • 2022 Employee Wellness Incentive Program – This is a voluntary wellness reward program for all full-time APS employees. The new year and the program has begun for 2022. You have until January 14 to submit points for 2022. Earn these points and redeem them for a number of rewards such as New Mexico Sports & Wellness memberships, LesMills OnDemand , Stone Age gym passes, Wecks, Flying Star or Sports Systems gift cards. If you didn’t participate, take the time to learn more, log in to your [email protected] Wellness Dashboard, and get started this year.

Mental health resources

  • Effective January 1, 2022, there are new no-cost/co-pay APS mental health benefits for covered employees and dependents.
  • All APS insurance plans offer virtual and digital mental health services.
  • Mental Health Corner – We all face ongoing stress and uncertainty in our family and work lives. Burnout is the result of this ongoing chronic stress. But we can ease that burden through wellness practices and outside support. Click on the Mental Health Corner for a list of the various community and APS resources for mental and behavioral wellness as well as direct resources available to you through your APS health insurance plan.
  • Nurture your green zone: What is your green zone and how can you cultivate it? Our ability to deal with stress and burnout in a healthier way can improve when we Feed our Green Zone! Sign up for this ongoing virtual program at your own pace.

  • my stress Tools: For interactive, online, and app-based resources to help manage stress and anxiety and build resilience, try MyStress Tools.

APS EAP Program: Employees and their immediate family members have access to free, confidential short-term counseling through the EAP program. Please call the EAP office at (505) 884-9738 to schedule an appointment. WeCounsel virtual sessions are available.

Your monthly dose of fitness, nutrition and wellness trends!

Nutrition: Mega Heart-Healthy Fats

An analysis of over 135,000 people found a link between omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. For more tips on heart health and diabetes, APS offers Livongo free for employees covered by APS Benefits.

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Video: Drop Step Squat

This dynamic squat helps improve lower body strength from multiple angles while training balance, coordination, and muscle control.

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