Man arrested on billboard after police say he brandished a gun on the Brown Line at Chicago Avenue, hitting trains


CHICAGO (CBS) – Service was halted after a man with a gun was spotted on CTA Brown Line tracks on Tuesday evening.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, the search for the gunman ultimately led to a dramatic arrest. But before that, it was just the right home for anyone riding the Brown Line on Tuesday night.

When a train pulled into the Chicago Avenue and Franklin Street stop in River North on Tuesday night, passengers were told to stay put – as a man waved a gun possibly on the platform or on the ways.

Video posted to Twitter by Brown Line passenger Cliff DeMartino showed officers walking through the train looking for the man with the gun. We are told that the officers asked the passengers of the “L” if they were okay and, more importantly, if they had seen a man hiding with a gun.

All of this created some scary moments, no doubt, for those on the train.

But in an even scarier development, the alleged shooter has been spotted – and captured on dramatic video. He was not on a train, on the tracks or on a platform at the time, but on a billboard mounted on the side of the tracks that advertises Apple AirPods.

The Chicago Fire Department pulled out a ladder – and the Chicago Police officers climbed that ladder with their weapons to apprehend the man. Police eventually managed to get the man to turn himself in – he climbed down the fire truck ladder with officers right behind him.

It is believed that the man jumped on the train with the passengers and then raced down the ‘L’ tracks.

When the police arrested the man on the billboard, he had no weapon. Officers searched the train and the tracks, but it’s unclear if police found the gun – or if he threw it running from the Chicago/Franklin station.

No passengers or officers were injured.

The Brown Line was suspended for a while amid the chain of events, but the Chicago Transit Authority said it was back in business and operating normally as of 10 p.m.


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