Liverpool FC – Jürgen Klopp on Community Shield win, Nunez, team confidence and more


How encouraged he is by the performances of the substitutes…

It’s work, it’s work to do, but it’s not work for four weeks of pre-season – it’s work for an obviously longer period. This team is always with open arms for anyone who arrives and that’s very helpful and that’s why it goes a little faster, maybe. I liked, how I said, the first line-up I liked a lot; how we started, I liked it a lot. It was really good football, we used crucial spaces and kept City away from our goal. By the time they started controlling the game, it’s even harder work and that’s why you should try to avoid it. So there were ups and downs in the game, but in the end both teams fought very hard and we were able to make the decision at the last minute or so. Really cool.

How nice the end of the game was…

Everything, I liked the whole game. We’re so early [in the season], I like the problems we have in a game, especially when we win. I really like problems because you have to work on them. I know we have to work. We’ve said it before, we need to extend our pre-season by at least another two weeks. There is no other chance. We can’t just keep up the normal pace, play games on weekends that we’re not prepared for. Then three games a week that we will have from, I don’t know exactly, three or four weeks. So it was a very nice watch for me. He is the most difficult opponent you can meet. They don’t get worse, or whatever, they get stronger and better and grow and you see the team, the boys they could bring.


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