Lexington Co-op workers launch organizing campaign


Lexington Co-op workers want to form a union.

They informed management on Wednesday afternoon that workers had signed union cards and started organizing. Under the name Lexington Workers United, they partnered with the same Rochester-based union that helped organize Spot Coffee and Starbucks in Buffalo.

“Especially coming out of the uncertainty of the pandemic, things have gone pretty well at the Coop because things have stabilized, but they can be better,” said Philip Knitinger, who has worked at the Coop for four years. and as involved in organizing efforts at Spot Coffee.

“We believe that having a fair voice at the table when it comes to wages, benefits, working conditions, important decisions for the cooperative, this equal voice will make things more faithful to the fundamental principles of the cooperative” , did he declare.

Workers have been pushing for a year for worker representation on the company’s board, but have not yet succeeded.

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Understaffing has been a chronic problem since Covid, said Maxwell Bollman, a member of the co-op’s grocery team. he said.

Workers attempt to unionize the Hertel and Elmwood Avenue locations. If enough workers sign cards supporting the union, a vote on forming a union could eventually take place.

Tim Bartlett, the store’s general manager, could not be reached for comment.

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