June 13, 2022 Watcher Bulletin: CM Punk and Cody Rhodes Injured, WWE Hell in a Cell Review


Within days, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, arguably the best babyfaces in AEW and WWE, suffered significant injuries.

Punk suffered an injury that neither he nor the company would detail regarding the how and what on 6/1 on the Kia Forum show. In an interview two nights later on Dynamite, Punk mentioned the injury, saying it was a few broken bones and would require surgery. The belief among the talent was that it was a broken foot (Max Caster actually said that in his rap) and while neither the company nor Punk would say that, there were some very strong clues for me it was the injury. It’s actually kinda weird that they don’t say the injury, but as a company it’s AEW policy not to talk about injuries or illnesses unless it has to do with changing previously announced matches (which is why Jeff Hardy and Adam Cole’s injuries were acknowledged last week but not specified) although Cole was on TV this week and his injury was never mentioned, while the company has never acknowledged an injury to Bryan Danielson. When acknowledging wounds, they normally don’t say what the wounds or diseases are unless the talent releases them on its own. WWE is random, usually only acknowledging them when it fits the storyline, while New Japan goes into detail as much as possible.

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