Jacqueline Nguyen elected first Nevada president of the American Medical Association Alliance

Jacqueline Nguyen, Esq.

Jacqueline Nguyen, Esq. is the first Nevadan to be elected as president of the American Medical Association Alliance (AMA Alliance), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to representing physician families. Elected in June, Nguyen is also the first president of South Asian descent to lead the organization in its 100-year history. Nguyen has taken flight in his new role.

“What I hope to do is lay the foundation for the next 100 years, so that we can be the support for families of doctors across the country at every stage, from training and medical school to practice of medicine and into retirement,” Nguyen said. “We want to help the physician family community align with key health-related projects and priorities in each community to improve health care and access for all. »

Nguyen, whose husband is a practicing physician in Las Vegas, joined the AMA Alliance in 2004. Initially, she focused on volunteering in the community for health-related projects, but later took on leadership roles. leadership at the county and state level, before working with the national alliance team. With a background as a lawyer and nonprofit management experience, it became clear over time that she could bring a fresh Nevada perspective to the position.

“We realize that the world is different today. We volunteer differently, medicine is practiced differently, families are different,” Nguyen added. “We want today’s AMA Alliance to meet members where they are and equip them with the leadership skills needed to thrive in nonprofit work, support their families and communities, and be a voice to have a positive impact on health care.”

Nguyen says it’s also important to point out that the organization is there to support doctors who are still in training. Like those of practicing physicians, these spouses and families also benefit from connection with other physician families, education and leadership training, and volunteer and fundraising opportunities for organizations at local non-profit.

To become a member or to learn more about the AMA Alliance, visit AMAAlliance.org.

Congratulations video for installing AMA Alliance: https://youtu.be/kXEdMVmr6DE


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