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To fully understand events and trends, say a controversial election or a new meme, we need to read between the lines.

This is where the Civic Media Observatory Between. We identify the key stories of urgent public interest, deepening the context and sub-text local, vernacular and multilingual media.

What are people really saying?

This bulletin will help you understand the nuances – the nuances – seemingly chaotic media ecosystems.

In each newsletter, we will choose an event, an emerging trend or a complex story. For data enthusiasts, Undertones also offers an entry point into the public datasets which underpin our work as an Observatory.

Over the past two years, the Civic Media Observatory has explored the complex media ecosystems in two dozen countries, on topics ranging from elections to COVID-19, from protests to civil wars, to the influence of soft power from China to the world to disinformation tactics. by the authoritarians. Global Voices researchers are experts at reading and explaining the nuances of the stories, trends and narratives in their countries. We regularly add new research topics, public datasets and analyzes, which you can find on the Observatory’s home page. Current active projects for 2021 and early 2022 include observatories on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey.

See the first edition of nuances, which focuses on Nicaragua. Welcome!

Undertones is the Civic Media Observatory’s newsletter, collaboratively created by Observatory researchers, coordinating editors and the project editor. Learn more about our mission, methodology, and publicly available data.


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