India News | Air pollution in NCR: SC authorizes construction of hospitals in Delhi


New Delhi [India], December 3: The Supreme Court on Friday authorized the Delhi government to continue construction activities for hospitals in the city and said it was satisfied with the new measures taken by the Commission for the management of air quality in Delhi-NCR for enforcement of air pollution control ordinances.

A bench of Chief Justice NV Ramana Judges DY Chandrachud and Surya Kant approving the measures proposed by the Commission ordered the Center and the Delhi government to comply with the Commission orders of 2 December.

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“We have taken into consideration the proposed directions. We call on the Delhi Center and NCT to implement the Dec. 2 ordinances and we keep the case in abeyance and will hear it next Friday,” the Chamber said in its statement. arrangement.

The Delhi government today urged the Supreme Court to allow hospital construction activities in the city. ban on construction, work is stopped.

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In addition to this, work is underway at 19 public hospitals to provide better health infrastructure in the national capital for the benefit of patients, the Delhi government told the Tribunal asking that construction work in hospitals be exempted from the ban.

Construction activities in Delhi were banned after air quality reached alarming levels in the city and its adjacent areas. On November 22, the Delhi government resumed construction activities in view of improving air quality, but the Supreme Court revived the ban on November 24 in Delhi and the National Capital Region (RCN).

The state of Uttar Pradesh, represented by senior lawyer Ranjit Kumar, opposed the decision to shut down the industries, saying it would impact the functioning of the sugarcane and milk industries. The Commission’s decision to allow industries to work only eight hours will affect the sugarcane industry, Kumar said.

He added that Uttar Pradesh is in the downwind and the air is mainly coming from Pakistan.

The judiciary authorized Uttar Pradesh to present its grievances to the Commission.

The Delhi Air Quality Management Commission-NCR filed the affidavit with the Supreme Court, informing it of the actions it took on December 2, saying it had formed a task force to monitor the compliance with its air pollution control instructions.

The Commission said that a five-member enforcement task force has been formed by the commission in the exercise of its statutory authority and that 17 flying squadrons are being formed to act against offenders. The number of flying squadrons would increase to 40 in the next 24 hours, the commission said in its affidavit to the bench.

The so-called flying squads have already started operating from December 2 and carried out surprise checks at 25 sites, he said.

The Enforcement Working Group itself will exercise the power to take punitive and preventive action against non-conforming / failing persons / entities and flying squadrons will report directly to the Commission’s Enforcement Working Group, stated the affidavit.

The Commission also told the Supreme Court that schools and colleges in the NCR will remain closed until further notice, only allowing online application mode, except for the purpose of conducting lab exams and practical work. , etc.

“The operation of thermal power stations within a radius of three hundred kilometers from the Delhi radius will continue to be regulated by the latest commission decree dated November 30, 2021, according to which only five thermal power stations out of eleven have been authorized to schedule their operations. and the rest were ordered to remain inoperative until at least December 15, 2021, ”the affidavit stated.

The entry of trucks into Delhi will not be allowed, except for CNG and electric trucks and trucks carrying essential goods, according to the affidavit filed by the Commission.

“Regarding industrial pollution, the Commission further ordered on December 2, 2021 that industrial operations and processes in the NCR, where gas is not available and said industrial unit is not operating at PNG or at cleaner fuels will only be allowed to run for up to eight hours a day on weekdays and will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays, ”he added.

During the hearing, lead lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi representing the government of Delhi complained that one newspaper notably claimed that yesterday’s hearing was an aggressive fight and as if the Indian Chief Justice ( CJI) threatened to take over administrative functions.

CJI responded that the court cannot interfere with freedom of speech and expression and told Singhvi that you are a member of a political party and that you can hold a press conference, but the judges cannot. do it.

Singhvi also argued that schools were closed again and were closed for 17 months and only opened for 17 days in November.

The Bench replied that we have observed, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, some sections of the media try to project that we are “bad guys” and that we want to close schools. You (the Delhi government) said we were closing schools and introducing homework, but see the papers today, CJI added.

The highest court heard a plea calling for emergency measures to control the deteriorating air quality situation in the national capital region. (ANI)

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