How New-Age Organizations Generate Social Impact Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives


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Greenpeace Global NGO, AiTrillion CSR activity partner

Greenpeace Global NGO, AiTrillion CSR activity partner

Round Table India, (part of the global NGO Round Table International, AiTrillion CSR activity partner)

Round Table India, (part of the global NGO Round Table International, AiTrillion CSR activity partner)

As a global company, AiTrillion has a holistic approach to CSR that translates into its commitments to its employees, community and the environment.

NEW YORK, USA, December 29, 2021 / – How New Age Organizations Are Driving Social Impact through CSR Initiatives

Many companies are looking to give back to society in a meaningful way. While every business might look at CSR from a different perspective, the end goal is always the same: Giving back is making a difference by doing good. The value of being socially responsible cannot be undermined. As companies have realized the difference they can make, they want to integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. The popular triple bottom line approach can help a business strike a balance between economic, environmental and social imperatives while managing business productivity.

Technology has always been a catalyst, even more so throughout the societal structure. By leveraging digital strategies, businesses can create a wide range of opportunities for growth and prosperity for the communities around them. As a global company, AiTrillion has a holistic approach which can be seen through engagements, with a strong focus on its employees, the community and the environment in general. We believe that implementing broad corporate social responsibility programs can help us support a larger goal, while maintaining profitability and business continuity.

How do we create a positive impact in society?
In addition to addressing some of the most critical development challenges in the areas of education, rural development, gender equality and women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, hunger, poverty, malnutrition and health, we believe in giving back to society from a broader perspective. The 3 central themes at the heart of our CSR strategy are:

• Empower communities: strive for development that has a positive impact on society and brings lasting change in the life of the community.

• Provide basic health care: Participate in programs that allow part of the proceeds from nutritionally balanced meals provided to the orphanage to help reduce lifestyle-related illnesses.

• Supporting Children in India and Around the World: Providing a hygienic environment for disadvantaged children and healthcare workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, through many partner organizations.

o We are part of the global NGO Greenpeace, the Indian NGO CRY (Child Rights and You), the NGO Vatsalya Kanakpura located in Kanakpura, Bangalore, and regularly make donations for the well-being of underprivileged children. During Diwali, we distributed sweets and gifts to 500 children as part of two programs for Anubhuti Vision Sanstha and Maharshi Drishtiheen Kalyan Sangh (NGO in Indore).

o We help the child of our administrative staff with the tuition fees.

o We partnered with “Chai for Cancer” (a fundraising and awareness campaign across the Indian community on the needs of cancer survivors and raising funds for their support) to share the cost of drugs for patients with cancer. cancer and provide them with emotional support.

o We are an active member of Round Table India (which is part of the global organization Round Table International – an institute of non-partisan, non-sectarian young men that aims to promote service and goodwill in national and international affairs) to promote education through its National Project – Freedom through Education (FTE). Round Table India built 7,505 classrooms affecting 7.90 million children as part of this national ETP project.

Investing in a good CSR model increases the acceleration of change and progress in the region we choose, which often means helping people with little or no resources. As with our clients or clients, so with the employees. Here is a brief overview of the initiatives we have taken for our employees, especially during the pandemic:

• Diversity and Inclusion: Whether it’s driving the employee experience digitally or establishing mechanisms to ensure gender balance, we embrace the principles of diversity, inclusiveness and inclusion. unity in our team. We give women equal opportunities, encouraging them to participate in decision making and lead at CXO level. With the aim of harnessing the best talent to grow our business, we review profiles on official social networks and recruiting sites. We have selected the best performers with more than 5 years of experience. Our attrition rate is less than 10%.

• Collaboration and team cohesion: We encourage high collaboration and team cohesion in an open environment. Although we have flexible working hours, we want to avoid silos and provide an environment of connectivity for our employees.

And then ?
As we move cautiously into the post-pandemic ‘new next’, it is imperative to recognize that the shift to digital models, diverse teams, and empowered CSR experiences that would normally have taken years to manifest. The introduction of this level of involvement in social initiatives was mainly motivated by our leadership.

AiTrillion sees the value of CSR programs and wants to demonstrate a deep and lasting commitment to driving social change. As we manage our workforce seamlessly with new age technology, we want to expand our contribution to making the world around us a safer, cleaner and brighter place.

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