Horry County Pro-LGBTQ+ Businesses, Organizations, and Organizations


An LGBTQ pride flag.

An LGBTQ pride flag.


June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, so you might see all kinds of rainbow flags in the windows of many businesses and on the lawns of some homes in the Grand Strand area.

There are plenty of events centered around Pride Month coming up, but if you’re just looking for a casual place to hang out, whether you’re a local or a visitor, part of the community or just an ally, you can visit any of the local places. who actively celebrate and welcome the LGBTQ+ community which The Sun News has listed below.

Many of the businesses listed below have been deemed LGBTQ+ friendly by Pride Myrtle Beach or Grand Strand Pride, two Horry County organizations that work to identify places in the county where all members of the community are welcome. .

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes

Pulse Ultra Club

Saint George

Johnny D’s Waffles and Bakery

Tidal Creek Brewery

Beach Dreams Market and Town of Hempie

Mr. Fish Restaurant & Seafood Market

Pawleys Island Bakery

Churches, Religious Organizations

Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church

Lutheran Church of the Sea Shepherd

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

Myrtle Beach Unit

Overall, the LGBTQ+ community can feel comfortable just about anywhere in Horry County

“I rarely hear of a place where anyone doesn’t feel safe in Myrtle Beach. The eastern part of the county is very accepting,” said Terry Livingston, executive director of Grand Strand Pride. “The LGBTQ+ community no longer has to be confined to gay bars, but is welcome in virtually any restaurant and bar.”

Craig McGee, executive director of Pride Myrtle Beach, also said the Grand Strand area generally accepts and welcomes everyone.

I’ve been in the area for 30 years and never had any real trouble anywhere I’ve ever been,” McGee said. “I think the businesses seem to be pretty open and welcoming, and I feel comfortable just about anywhere.”

If you would like to attend Pride events in Horry County this month, you can check out the Pride Myrtle Beach calendar and the Grand Strand Pride website.

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