Hempfield Area looking for a company to participate in the Student-Career Partnership Initiative


Hempfield-area school district leaders are keen to strengthen their student-career partnership initiative after the program was hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

The district is accepting survey responses from businesses and organizations interested in participating in the initiative, which offers several programs for students to help them prepare for their future career paths. In addition, the district is seeking to reconnect with community partners previously involved in the program.

“Exposing students to career paths and training will help them make informed decisions and allow them to plan accordingly,” said Sara Lang, district school counselor. “In addition, our business partners benefit by creating a lasting impact on the future of our region and our economy. “

Through the program, businesses and students can participate in classroom presentations, post-secondary information roundtables, coffee shops and career fairs, mentorships, internships and more. The goal is to offer career programs that serve as a talent pool for local businesses, which can lead to future careers for students.

In addition to tackling workforce challenges, the program also aims to show students that there are employment opportunities in Westmoreland County.

“Our goal is to promote Westmoreland County and the Township of Hempfield as a great place to live and work,” Lang said. “Our students need to learn about career opportunities so they can plan for their future in the hopes of making the Township of Hempfield their home forever. Even if the students are considering leaving the area, it is our responsibility to make sure they are ready.

Lang said the program has been around for several years. During this period, collaborations were established with the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board, the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce and the Westmoreland County Workforce Development Forum.

More than 50 post-secondary businesses and organizations have also registered to participate within the school system, Lang said.

Organizations interested in partnering with the district can complete the survey online. Once the survey is submitted, Lang will contact you to determine which programs they would be interested in participating in.

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