File security breaches within organizations increased 134% as the world reopens


BetterCloud surveyed over 500 IT and security professionals and examined internal data from thousands of organizations and users to understand their top challenges, priorities, and the scale of data loss and data breaches. sensitive information.

“Over the past year, remote working has become widespread, accelerating the digital transformation and adoption of SaaS. This has been accompanied by greater collaboration, file sharing and an overall increase in productivity, which employees and businesses have embraced, ”said David Politis, CEO, BetterCloud.

“But it has also resulted in a host of new SaaS file security requirements and challenges due to the increase in remote access to corporate networks and data. Our results clearly show that this is a growing concern, but they also show that companies are not investing enough in SaaS file security, thereby increasing the risk of potential incidents, whether intentional or no.

file security breaches

Key Findings on SaaS File Security

  • Lack of visibility into SaaS data plagues IT: Almost half of organizations say their number one security concern is not knowing where sensitive data is.
  • Well-intentioned but careless users pose the greatest risk of data loss: Over 70% of organizations say the biggest risk of data loss is a well-meaning but careless employee.
  • IT doesn’t trust users with corporate data: Only 35 percent of respondents trust end users to responsibly share and store company data.
  • It is difficult to secure user actions in SaaS applications: Almost half of those surveyed say they have difficulty securing user activities within SaaS applications.
  • SaaS file security breaches are out of control: This year, as the world reopened, file security breaches increased 134% and types of breaches are rampant across the organization.
  • Organizations Are Not Investing Enough in SaaS File Security: Less than half say they invest enough.
  • Too few organizations are investing in the technology that can best improve SaaS file security: When organizations invest, approximately 64% invest in security information and event management (SIEM) tools, 40% in cloud access security brokers (CASB), and 37% in security platforms. SaaS management (SMP).
  • Businesses Are Rapidly Adopting SMPs To Solve SaaS File Security Issues: 55 percent of organizations plan to use PMS within the next 12 months.


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