Executive decree 2022-11 establishing the cybersecurity working group



WHILE, the State of Nevada faces increasingly sophisticated and malicious cyber campaigns that threaten our state’s security and privacy; and

WHILE, the State of Nevada is dedicated to identifying, deterring, and protecting against these threats by investing in cyberinfrastructure and building a robust detection and response system to protect the health and well-being of Nevada residents. this state ; and

WHILE, A robust cyberinfrastructure requires cooperation between federal, state, local and tribal governments, as well as the private sector, to ensure rapid, adaptive and robust action against any current or future cyberthreats that could disrupt the delivery of essential services, endanger essential government functions, or otherwise threaten protected or personal data.

SO NOW, By the authority vested in me as Governor by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Nevada and the laws of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:

  1. The Cybersecurity Working Group is hereby created.
  2. The Task Force will consist of the following members appointed by the Governor, who serve at the pleasure of the Governor:
    1. The Governor or his delegate.
    2. The administrator of the Cyber ​​Defense Coordination Office or his representative.
    3. The Chief of the Emergency Management Division or his representative.
    4. The State of Nevada Information Security Officer or designate.
    5. A representative of the judiciary who acts as an Information Security Advisor (ISO).
    6. A representative of the legislative branch that serves as the ISO.
    7. A representative from the office of the Secretary of State who serves as ISO.
    8. A representative of the Nevada higher education system who serves as an ISO.
    9. A representative of a school district that serves as an ISO.
    10. A representative from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) who serves as the ISO.
    11. A representative for counties with populations under 100,000 who serves as an ISO or emergency manager.
    12. A representative from Clark County who serves as an ISO or emergency manager.
    13. A Washoe County representative who serves as an ISO or emergency manager.
    14. A senior officer in the Nevada National Guard, Army Bureau.
    15. A tribal representative as recommended by the Nevada Indian Commission.
    16. Two members who represent a company, organization or association.

  3. The working group should:
    1. Establish as an eligible entity to address cybersecurity risks and cybersecurity threats to information systems owned or operated by the state or local government, as prescribed under the Cybersecurity Grant Program Department of Homeland Security (SLCGP), to determine effective funding priorities under the grant to assist all branches of state government.
    2. Develop, implement or revise an eligible cybersecurity plan under the SLCGP.
    3. Identify and provide advice and recommendations to the Cyber ​​Defense Coordination Office Administrator, Information Security Office Information Security Officer, and Emergency Management Division Chief and Homeland Security regarding future funding opportunities to support ongoing cybersecurity infrastructure.
    4. Provide advice and recommendations to the Administrator of the Office of Cyber ​​Defense Coordination, the Chief Information Security Officer of the Office of Information Security and the Chief of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security regarding the requirements of Emergency Support Function 17 (Cyber) within the Nevada Operations Center.
    5. Provide advice and recommendations to the Cyber ​​Defense Office Administrator in accordance with NRS 480.900.
    6. Provide advice and recommendations to the Administrator of the Office of Cybersecurity, the Nevada Legislature, and the Governor regarding legislative actions necessary to address cybersecurity challenges and needs.
    7. Members of the working group will not receive any compensation for the service.
    8. The working group will establish rules of procedure to assist it in carrying out its functions.
    9. The person designated by the Office of the Governor will assume the functions of President. The Emergency Management Division will provide staff support to the task force.
    10. The working group meets at the discretion of its chair.
    11. The working group will elect one of its members as vice-chair at its first scheduled meeting.


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