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This week’s horoscope is about independence

First, congratulations to each of you for surviving Mercury retrograde. We breathe a collective sigh of much-needed cosmic relief. Now is the time to prioritize your independence, while making room for your relationships with others – and with Mercury now direct in Virgo, communicating will be a walk in the park. READ MORE

Megan Fox goes Barbiecore with a new hair color

The next Barbie the film sparked a new love for the iconic doll’s style. Celebrities have incorporated bold shades of pink into their fashion, leaning into beachy-blonde moments and basically embracing all things Barbie. While you might have thought Megan’s pink hair was the Barbicore peak, she’s gone one step further with her icy new blonde. READ MORE


Here’s everything that happens during a recession 💸

The best deals from Amazon’s fall sale 🤫

Kanye West made his catwalk debut at Paris Fashion Week 🕶️

Louis Tomlinson says he no longer has Zayn Malik’s phone number 👀

Bella Hadid had a dress spray painted on her body at Paris Fashion Week

I know Bella Hadid once said she was not just put on this earth to be a role model, but damn is she good at being a model! The latest evidence is how she expertly navigated one of the coolest things I’ve seen on a runway in a long time: a custom dress spray-painted onto her body in real time. READ MORE

To celebrate mean girls Day with these perfect IG legends

While Gretchen Wieners has been trying to make the “fetch” happen for nearly 20 years, I’m sure you and your best friends will have no problem embracing your “grool” vibes today. So, we’ve collected the most memorable mean girls quotes to pair with your “plastic” memes and OOTD posts. And while you’re at it, it’s probably proofreading time In any event. READ MORE


September’s best beauty releases

The twists don’t worry darlingsorted by disorder

I have never received more compliments than when I wear this new skin tone


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