Dr Henry Doubles COVID-19 Restrictions Limiting Indoor Physical Activity


The BC government is cracking down on gyms that choose to stay open despite COVID-19 restrictions forcing them to close.

Dr Bonnie Herny held a press conference with the latest pandemic news this morning, although most of the crucial information was provided during the question and answer period.

One question many reporters asked was why gyms were closed when places like shopping malls, swimming pools and sporting events could stay open with limited capacity. Henry doubled down on his restrictions put in place earlier this week, saying “gyms must close.”

“Gyms have to close during this time,” Henry said. “There are things we can do, and my gym does it really well, to connect people, to be able to help us do this physical activity from a distance.”

“I want to say that I met with some of the fitness and gym industry representatives yesterday and they made sure that we can do things in the safest way possible. Right now we’re in real uncertainty with a lot of transmission among young people and the demographics that are really tied to their gyms. So they need to stop this right now. “

Henry explained that gyms were closed primarily due to human strain and breathing during workouts. The association of this with the fact that it is an indoor activity led to the closure.

“It’s really trying to find the balance between the riskier activities. Yes, the theaters were more at risk and we have now tried to solve them. We know the sit-down events, when you are not exercising , and right now, one of the reasons I’ve focused on the indoor areas where we exercise, gyms being a classic example, is that we now see a lot of transmissions through the very small droplets and aerosols. . “

“The measures that we had in place that were working for Delta, for the other variations that we have seen, are just not sufficient at this time.”

Many indoor gyms have chosen to remain open despite the decision. The province noted that anyone who believes a gymnasium is operating illegally should contact their local regulation.

Henry then encouraged the residents to find other ways to be active. She urged people to exercise outdoors to allow the least amount of transmission.

“Right now, what we’re seeing is that it goes so quickly in these indoor environments, even when we have a lot of space and we’ve done everything right.”

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