Delta’s grip loosens as new threat looms


The essential: The number of new coronavirus cases has remained stable for weeks now in the Philadelphia area after the delta variant outbreak last month. Vaccination remains the key to helping bring the numbers down further. But this continues to be a problem. Philadelphia on Wednesday extended its Oct. 15 deadline for healthcare workers and college students and employees to be fully immunized against COVID-19, citing requests from many employers for more time to have their staff get vaccinated. As of last week, tens of thousands of home helpers across the city were still unvaccinated, and nursing homes across Pennsylvania failed to achieve an 80% immunization rate among staff members. These low levels will become particularly problematic as temperatures cool and other respiratory viruses begin to circulate.

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Winter is looming, and with it comes uncertainty not only about the possibility of another COVID-19 resurgence, but also about the severity of the flu season in a society that has abandoned many measures. attenuation. With the reopening of schools and offices and increased socialization, the flu is expected to be more endemic this year, some experts say. And if the coronavirus and the flu rise at the same time, hospitals could be overwhelmed.

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🚌 Pennsylvania is looking to recruit more school bus drivers amid continued shortages.

💉 Federal health officials estimate COVID-19 vaccines saved the lives of 39,000 American seniors between January and May of this year.

Outdoor street restaurants in Philadelphia could become permanent according to a proposal from board member Allan Domb.

🎓 To encourage students to follow COVID-19 protocols and keep them in person, universities in the Philly area are offering everything from free classes, laptops and concert tickets to pizza and therapy dogs.

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📈 Coronavirus deaths in Pennsylvania have remained stable over the past week. Follow the latest data here.

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