Credy requests a loan 750 euros in 10 minutes without a payroll

Loans and Credits in Credy Online

The Credy company belongs to the Traffic Control community, whose headquarters are in Geneva. The company is a mediator in the granting of microloans to people.

Credy – this is your competent assistant in financial matters. The company does not make the decision to grant a loan to the interested parties, but simply passes on the client’s request to the microcredit organizations, which in turn analyze the request and issue fast money or deny the applicant. Credy does not recommend any specific signatures, this company does not endorse any of the partners and carries out its work of impartial mediation.

Therefore, the mere fact of sending the request to the relevant organizations does not guarantee a positive or negative result. The period of treatment and the decision on the loan is also independent of Credy, but of a particular company – the borrower. Personal data is stored in accordance with the privacy policy.

Thanks, Credy can quickly replace your finances in the amount of up to 750 euros, with a maturity of 30 days. In our name, we see that it is a pretty good offer.

We talked a little about the charging system.

About the commission on the loan can not worry. All terms and conditions are transparent and clear. Let’s see this, to work with a calculator on the Credy website is quite simple – in the process of creating your application, you can easily select the desired amount and we look at the size of the corresponding interests.

The Commission explained the Equivalent Annual Rate system, whose size varies from the amount of volume and the date of return. The longer the term, the lower the interest rate will be.

Let’s see how it works in the example of a standard quick loan. Antonio took a loan of 100 euros for a period of 30 days, with a commission of 28 euros. Therefore, the total amount to be paid is 128 euros, and APR will be 1915.5%.

The fulfillment of the credit update will depend on the condition of the potential borrower. If the application is approved, the client will have to pay an additional fee. The payment from the Commission will mean that the client agrees to these terms and the only way it will be possible to implement a deferred payment or credit update. All relevant information about the update is sent to the customer by email.

If the client does not meet the deadlines, he could not pay the minimum payment, as well as the service fee, and does not report an updated agreement, in which case a fine will be imposed, the amount of which depends on the company-borrower.

On the other hand, the client will charge other charges, and this person will have to provide data on the solvency.

We recommend asking for help in this company only if your income is not regular, and also if you are sure of being able to return to the service on time, and have your decision to take mini-credit is absolutely necessary and the only way out of the situation .

Therefore, let’s find out the true advantages of the loan at Credy:

First, it is not necessary to provide any questions about salary and other documents. You do not have to spend time on visits to the bank office, spend long negotiations with the credit agent, and have similar vanities. And, most importantly, you can apply for your loan fast and get the necessary amount within 5 minutes after sending the request through the Internet, from the sofa! Your money is immediately transferred to your bank account. Okay, it’s very convenient.

Therefore, the conclusion is obvious – the use of microcredit as a source of quick money – this is a very easy, safe and much better than asking a small amount in banks or with friends.

So, why do you have to pay attention to choose the microfinance service?

First, the good company must have all the license information on its websites, such as privacy policy, details about the history and their contacts. When there is more information on the site, we have more confidence in this company.

You also have to read all user comments about the company’s services, from multiple sources.

Try to calculate the approximate amount of interest, with the help of a loan calculator and see if they are too high compared to other companies.

And most importantly – the company has to guarantee the ease of use, service and transparency of the services. Microfinance institutions usually do not require too much, a minimum of requirements are required and they are open to your questions.

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