Bulletin from Clarksville Councilman Brian Zacharias, Ward 1, April 5, 2022


March 31 Executive Session

The Clarksville City Council met on Thursday to hear about the ordinances and resolutions we will have to vote on next week. None of the zoning cases are in Ward 1, but I have some thoughts on a few rezoning orders.
100-2021-22 – Amendment to the City of Clarksville Zoning Ordinance and Map for the change of zone on the property located at the intersection of Needmore Rd. & E. Boy Scout Road from R-1 Residential Single Family to R-6 . Single-family residential.
101-2021-22 – Amendment to the City of Clarksville zoning ordinance and map on property located at the intersection of Ford Street and Carpenter Street from the R-3 three-family residential neighborhood to the R-6 single-family residential neighborhood .
Both of these ordinances relate to areas where I have always voted against rezoning requests that would provide additional density. Order 100-2021-22 would allow for the construction of additional medium-density housing on E. Boy Scout Road. Interestingly, this particular parcel was part of a different zoning application that came to city council in November and passed second reading in December, despite strong opposition from other residents on the road.

This part of the property was rezoned from AG to R-1 in December and now the developer is trying to apply to move from R-1 to R-6, a zoning designation intended for high-density residential development. I am opposed to the development of Needmore and its feeder roads until the planned road improvements are completed.

Order 101-2021-2 is a little different. Although the R-6 zoning designation is an infill zoning designation, the number of people it puts in a zone is very similar to the number of people who would live in an R-3 zoned area. Although I normally vote against rezoning applications that bring additional density to that particular area, the difference between the number of residents in an area zoned R-3 and R-6 is negligible.

In addition to the zoning cases, the city council is also being presented with a new budget ordinance after the last one failed due to concerns over funding for a new downtown parking lot. The new budget ordinance includes funding for much-needed repairs to the existing garage, as well as funding for repairs to other city-owned properties.

You can view the full agenda from last week’s meeting using the button below.


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