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Want to learn more about recent work in Philosophy of Science, but running out of time to read a bunch of articles? Well, a new feature at British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (BJPS), “Short Reads”, may be exactly what you need and may provide a template for other journals in the discipline.

Short readings”Are summaries of articles published in BJPS, written by their authors. The idea has just kicked off, and so far there are three short reads, with more to be added every two weeks. Anyone who has an article accepted for publication in the journal has the option of writing a Short Reads version; according to the newspaper’s deputy editor, Elizabeth Hannon (LSE), “the turnout has been very high so far”.

Short Reads are longer than article summaries, but much shorter than typical journal articles (they appear to be around 1,400 words on average). Dr Hannon writes:

BJPS Short Reads aims to encourage a wider audience to read and get involved in the work of BJPS authors. One can get the impression that there is already too much to read in our own region, let alone beyond. These essays offer an easy and non-committal route in this research for philosophers who are not philosophers of science and / or researchers who are not philosophers at all.

Good idea. Are other philosophy journals currently doing it or planning to do so?


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