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Provo — Thread® is a Provo-based company that doesn’t just develop accessories to make everyday life easier. They believe in having a positive impact on people’s lives, thus creating their own non-profit organization: The Carry On Foundation.

Thread solidified its “keep it up” tagline last year. While “Carry on” is a nod to transportation products, this mantra is a two-pronged approach; which means that they have developed products to transport personal items in a minimal and expressive way, but also have the ability to meet the challenges and trials that life will throw their way. With life’s adventures and trials, there should always be a way for its consumers to discover their own identity and authenticity in things. With “Continue”, also represents a narrative of continuous progression. It means overcoming in the face of adversity. It is synonymous with resilience. It takes discipline, humility and courage. With this in mind, the mission of the Carry On Foundation is to use action sports to teach resiliency skills, promote mental health, and foster the development of confidence, competence, connection, and character.

The Foundation has many plans for future programs to help achieve its mission. This very week, one of their dream programs went live: the skateboard program. This program takes place at their own private skate park in Lehi, Utah. The skateboard facility offers a wide variety of lessons designed for progression and confidence in the program, from beginners to advanced ages four to fourteen. This specific program offers:

  • Private Lessons: 1 on 1 attention, any skill level and the ability to choose your coach. 4 years and over
  • Group lessons: 90-minute lessons, grouped by age and skill level, and mental training. 5-14 years old.
  • Summer Camp: Four consecutive days, three hours per day, crafts, activities and snacks are included. 5-14 years old.

When it comes to a foundation that leads by example, Carry On has a bright future and will continue to celebrate courage as children overcome their fears. Lead skateboarding coach Cole Parkinson says, “Watching young kids overcome mental fear and other mental blocks through training in sports psychology is the most rewarding thing ever.” Carry On’s skateboard is just the first of many adventurous programs to come; surfing, skiing and snowboarding will soon be added to the list of action sports activities.

To continue Thread’s impact with its Carry On Foundation, please donate to help change lives. All donations go toward helping them teach individuals mental skills to help those in need to “carry on” in life.


Thread was born out of a need for expression. Offer products that allow their consumers to do what they love. Thread is redefining the way people carry “themselves” and look great doing it, even now through their non-profit organization: Carry On Foundation. They know that function and expression are woven together to create the perfect extension of who their audience can be. On the shelf, the hook, in a bag or pocket, Thread will help people hold it together while people “carry on”.


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