AIRIA rubber industry association elects Sawar Dhanania as president


The Indian Association of Rubber Industries (AIRIA) announced on Wednesday that it had elected Sawar Dhanania as its president.

In addition, it elected Shashi Kumar Singh as senior vice president and Vipan Mehta as vice president at its annual general meeting (AGM) held in December, the industry body said in a report. communicated.

The mandate of the three elected members of the office is until the next AGM scheduled for September 2022.

“AIRIA, which has been in the driver’s seat for 75 years since its creation, is committed to supporting manufacturers of rubber articles and developments in the rubber industry in the country.

“ The rubber industry has already encountered some major obstacles and has also successfully overcome them, but it is believed that now is the right time to increase our exports by focusing on new products and specific countries with great opportunities. export, ” said Dhanania.

The industry body will also study to what extent the use and plantation of rubber trees will generate more income for producers, an inflow of foreign currency for the country and produce furniture from renewable wood replacing wood from the forest, he added.

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