6 “Best” Cryptocurrency Newsletters (November 2022)


In the world of digital assets, things sometimes move so quickly that it’s easy to miss important events that are overshadowed by the next. In this case, it is essential to maintain a set of recurring newsletters/reports from various sources. These reports aggregate the biggest news of the week or month, allowing investors to stay up-to-date on industry happenings, when time constraints don’t allow for daily diligence.

Over time, we have seen various major exchanges start publishing monthly reports/insights on market conditions and events. Centralized exchanges in particular have a behind-the-scenes perspective on market activity, with treasure troves of datasets shedding light on investor sentiment. While these are excellent sources of information, it is important to consider information provided by service providers with different purposes, in addition to independent analysts/outlets – the following list is comprised of a combination of each

One of the most comprehensive and insightful exchange reports released each month comes from US-based Kraken. These “intelligence reports” go beyond a simple news report and provide both subjective and objective opinions based on the data collected.

Unlike competing newsletters, the content of these intelligence reports can sometimes be intimidating for “newbies” as they tend to delve into more complex concepts and projects.

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Frequency: Once a month

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As one of the few loan platforms to survive TerraForm’s collapse unscathed, Ledn is quickly building a solid reputation. In its newsletter, known as the “Bitcoin Economic Calendar,” Ledn focuses on Bitcoin and events happening in traditional and digital markets that may play a role in its behavior and adoption.

Frequency: Once a week on Tuesday

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As the largest and most popular data aggregator in the digital asset industry, recommending the CoinMarketCap newsletter is a no-brainer. Given its position, CoinMarketCap is often able to share unique insights and analysis, in addition to the latest news on industry happenings, airdrops, and more.

Frequency: 2 times a week on Mondays and Fridays

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Acronym for ‘too long, didn’t read’, TL;DR offers a variety of increasingly popular newsletters. As the name suggests, TL; DR Crypto is one of its newsletter variations that focuses on digital assets. As a daily newsletter, TL; DR Crypto is able to cover more than the most important industry developments and provide more context to market activity with its approach.

Frequency: Once a day

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Since 2013, Pantera Capital has been dedicated to the maturation and development of blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies. Its presence and long-standing involvement in the industry allows it to share unique insights into market happenings.

Frequency: Once a month

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and Coinbase Bytes is the perfect newsletter for someone looking to do just that. It is specially designed for beginners, offering important news from a reliable source.

When subscribing, Coinbase indicates that, “You can expect stories about NFTs, DeFi, market news, Bitcoin mining, Elon Musk. Wherever crypto goes, so do we. If we think it’s important, we’ll let you know.

Frequency: Once a week on Wednesday

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